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Experience our Hive remote training schedule via our Zoom platform allowing you to keep FIT with us from all over the globe!

At the Hive we understand busy lifestyles & hectic working & family lives. We certainly understand that sometimes time can be tight & days can simply be too busy to get to the Gym. So we’ve used the technology on hand to help us develop an online remote exercise participation platform allowing our members to keep FIT with us from home! If you can’t make it to the Gym in time, we hope our remote exercise platform will allow you to keep up your FITNESS, help you stay in touch with your community & enjoy being a healthier & happier YOU from where ever you may be! You can even join us live on zoom when you’re ‘sunning it up’ on holiday! Functional Fitness is a lifestyle & a MUST so JOIN us from any location at any TIME! We run 3 daily Zoom classes Monday-Friday at 6/7am, 10:30am & 6pm and we also run a Saturday Zoom class at 8:30am so there really is no excuse to miss out!
£5 Drop In Class
£40 Monthly membership Fee

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