Hive Metcon Group Training Classes

Electric atmosphere, fun community and passionate coaches.

Group Fitness Classes

  • Our Hive Metcon group training classes are variable, FUN and hard work but the reward is worth all the sweat!
  • The programming & methodologies we utilise in these classes allows for varied intensities and functional movements to be applied to improve your fitness across a multitude of modalities and systems.
  • No session plan & no day is ever the same reducing the likelihood of feeling stale or demotivated, and certainly avoiding the onset of any training plateaus.
  • We combine strength movements & body weight movements as well as cardiovascular conditioning to create a high energy, full body workout in each and every class with a vibe that you just cannot beat!
  • We focus on functional movement, performance and results with each session consisting of a warm up, a movement focus & a goal driven main workout which will certainly get you to where you want to be!
  • The best part is that our group classes consist of only 9 people allowing you to be better coached, and better motivated! This also allows for a safer & more result focused environment where you can easily reach out for expertise when required….. completely opposite to your average Globo-gym! Our group training classes are that good, its like having Personal Training without the premium!
  • We offer up to 7 small Group Classes per day where we invite you to work up a sweat, enjoy yourself & get results!
  • Work individually alongside your community or mix in with the community and team up with friends! Which ever way you decide to exercise, we can assure you you’ll have a great time & receive expert coaching all the way!

Drop In Rates
£10 per class
£5 per Hive Zoom Hive online Metcon Class

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