Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have….

What will my first time in your gym be like?

Your first time in, we want you to feel comfortable. One of our awesome coaches will give you a tour of the facilities, walk you through our intro process & put you through a quick fitness assessment. We’ll walk you through what you can expect and introduce you to the community.

Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

We know you have plenty of choices on where you could train, but ask yourself, what’s best for you? A treadmill at home which you won’t use, it’ll collect dust and end up wasted? The commercial gym down the road that is cheaper than us, we agree, but there you’ll just be a number on a database. You’ll go through the motions with no real incentive, enjoyment or help. You’ll end up lost, demotivated & searching for something new. OR Do you join The Hive? A place where you’d be known, a part of a community, looked after & valued. We’d actually encourage you, help you & push you towards success. Yes we are more expensive, but ask yourself – are you worth investing in? We think you are. You’ll experience a personal, professional & highly qualified coaching environment. You’ll be accountable, we want you to come. You’ll train alongside positive, motivated groups of like-minded people who aid you on your journey to success & you’ll be part of a fitness community reshaping your life for the better. We are NOT just a gym, we are a healthier happier YOU!

What’s your drop-in policy?

We love nothing more than having visitors from other facilities come “throw down” with us!
If you are just passing through, we charge a drop in fee of £10 per session for open gym & £12 per Hive class. Come down and jump in!

If you’re coming for class it’d be great if you’d plan on arriving 15 minutes before scheduled class time so we can ask you a few questions and introduce you to our team. You can find our class schedule Here.

You may find that we do things a little differently than your “Place back home.” We hope that you enjoy the change in scenery, clientele, maybe even music. If anything makes you uncomfortable, however, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

If you’re just starting up, we recommend coming two to three days per week for your first couple weeks. Then build on this to perhaps three to four days to really start to see that progress. Once you’re up to five days per week, we recommend building in two recovery days per week.

Can I train here?

Of course you can! At The Hive we cater for everyone and anyone and our members are diverse in age and ability. There are no big egos and although a few have a penchant for taking their t-shirts off in the sweat of a workout (guilty coaches), we never take ourselves too seriously!

Functional Fitness is perfect for anyone who – enjoys exercise but doesn’t like the gym, is bored or isn’t seeing results with their usual gym routine or is looking to improve performance in their sport.

Am I too old to start? NO. We have seen a massive improvement in the quality of life of over 50’s who participate in regular physical exercise, and The Hive is the perfect prescription for this. Our coaches can scale any session plan for anyone, enabling them to workout alongside all of our members and enjoy it! It’s common to see different generations of the same family working out together, and reaping the benefits that Hive Functional Fitness provides.

Am I fit enough to start? Yes. Many of our members began with us in a completely untrained state, often with no gym experience, and worried by the supposedly intimidating nature of group Functional Fitness classes. Fast forward a few weeks, and they are a part of a supportive and fun community that genuinely care for one another. So yes, any fitness is a great start.

If you are considering joining us, but are still unsure if you’re right for it, we encourage you to come down for a chat with any one of our coaches, so they can show you first hand the set up and fantastic community we have here!